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About Our Company

Razan For Industry And Trade Company helps clients lend a modern edge to food production, especially of half-fries and vegetables (frozen) via its equipment and production lines for use in the food industry. For catering to dynamic needs of the fast moving food sector, the company as an exporter & manufacturer makes available a full line of equipment like Semi Fried Potato Production Line, Stainless Steel Peeling Machine, Stainless Steel 304 Checking Machine, Stainless Steel 304L Boiling Machine etc. Procedures related to product design and implementation are carried out under stern vigilance of talented experts, including food technologists & highly qualified engineers. Also, the latest electronic control technologies and techniques are put into use for creating a line of highly flexible and functional products.

Why Us?

  • We give exceptional attention to all details and always deliver professional performance
  • Our experienced engineers are available round the clock for meeting client needs and deadlines
  • Products are delivered on time irrespective of client’s location
  • After-sales services are provided by experts in a time bound manner

We also have many specialists who can render regular as well as emergency maintenance services of the machines.

Quality Trust

At Razan For Industry And Trade Company, we pledge to high quality standards and maintain a log book where everything related to quality in product batches is maintained. Latest scientific theories are referred to before devising production strategies, and a range of quality control & evaluation, operation and performance tests are conducted on designed products so that equipment and production lines delivered to clients stand tall on functional reliability, energy efficiency and price integrity. The production cycle is well documented and tests based on various simulation programs are also done to ascertain design efficiency.

Following stages are also included as a part of our quality testing & assurance program:

  • Making a detailed engineering analytical report underlining vital details regarding implementation & design
  • Making final executive drawings under supervision of experts for use in our production workshops
  • Formulating an executive manufacturing plan for warranting timely production & delivery of equipment and machinery
  • Doing regular follow-up during product manufacturing & testing
  • Creating explanatory and informative videos of using delivered product for buyer convenience
  • Maintaining a strong team of engineers for supervising & guiding our technicians.